With the variety of methods and features of our Gym, you could always mix it up to reach closer to your dreams.

Start with warming up, stretching and bring out that sweat with cardio, then maybe move into the weight training and show them who the boss is, Then if you want more, the doors of the X-fit area is welcoming for anyone who loves a challenge. Once you are in, you are not going back the same.
Or if you love to shake it a bit, enjoy our Zumba and Tabata sessions!

QFIT top features

Still want more? Guess it’s time for you to get out there and check us out.

Strength & Conditioning

Once you have managed to conquer the battle with your mind and body, this is where you put a tougher fight to sculpt that heaven worthy masterpiece. With plenty equipment and support, your masterpiece can be sculpted.

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personal training

Need Help? Sign up for Personal training with our instructors so they can be a part of your life and help you in achieving great success, they will provide you with a diet scheme and workout patterns which will be often altered to your Goals.

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Functional Training and Core strengthening

Ever seen parkour, free runners and MMA fighters? The Regimen that they follow is brought together developed and customized to suit your needs so even you can get a taste of how amazing it is to Fall flat on the floor after pushing your body.

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The X-fit

The Gateway to a lean, strong and capable body with a tough mental stability to undergo anything. The X-Fit is specifically designed to push you to a level of durability like that of immortals.

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Performance Gym

Our fully air-conditioned cardio area is where athletes and bodybuilders begin realizing their potential and its effectiveness in endurance, strength and Stamina. This is the where it all begins.

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We have plans to keep you challenged and motivated, test your ability with competing against fellow members to show who the better one is.

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