Why Us?



Our Prices are carefully accounted so that you get the best without forming a hole in your pocket.



We invite you to try us; we would like to help you out for free for your first 5 days.



Our facilities are open to our members from 5:30 Am to 11 Pm on week days and Saturdays, and from 9 AM till 2 PM on Sundays

Qualified Trainers



Experienced trainers are always available to help you through your goals, to either master the art of body building or to excel and achieve goals like an athlete.


programs special for you

A team of qualified trainers who are willing to go the extra mile with you to help you achieve your goals are handpicked and ready for duty.


Be active

With state of the art equipment for cardio to Tractor tires, Battle ropes, TRX cables and a monkey bar designed to push yourself to the next level of fitness activity within you. We can assure you that we can make a change in your to be determined and motivated to be active to achieve your body goals.

become active

Be strong

With a wide array of Dumbbells, weights and equipment to focus and impact each muscle group it a major or minor muscle, Our facility and equipment are state of the art and satisfying to help your target muscle to be impacted with precision, Time under stress and Contraction.

become stronger

Be healthy

With Sessions that are physically and mentally pleasing while you move to the beats of songs, our trainers will help you time your movements to music and destress. We guarantee a smile on your face after these sessions.

become healthier

Our Offer to you

We deliver better than what your needs may require.

We are

the best

  • With state of the art equipment
  • Trivandrum’s first cross fit facility
  • Diverse dance and endurance sessions
  • Steam Bath

Our affordable


  • For Couples
  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Corporates

Just for


  • With Nutrition Advisors
  • Friendly Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • A stand by Physiotherapist

We help you change


  • With Motivations
  • Competitions
  • Sessions of Fun
  • A handcrafted Diet